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Tags: alternative  Crisis  Earth  eco  Energy  enviro  imf  occupy  Oil  Population  sustainability  world bank  wto 

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Overshoot The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change  - William R. Catton

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Completed Downloads: 579
File Size: 46.42 MBs

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Tags: aapmens  Aarde  Astronomie  evolusie  heelal  hemelsliggame  Homo sapiens  komete  Kosmos  kwark  lewe  mensaap  mensdom  oorbevolking  planete  Sol  sterre  tegnologie 

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Seeds: 88
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File Size: 2.3 MBs

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Tags: Evolution  History  Science 

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The Social Conquest of Earth - Edward O. Wilson

Seeds: 28
Peers: 6
Completed Downloads: 702
File Size: 2.91 MBs

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Tags: New X-Men 

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New X-Men #114

Seeds: 55
Peers: 41
Completed Downloads: 1883
File Size: 96.82 MBs

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Tags: Who Went Extinct 

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The Humans Who Went Extinct - Clive Finlayson

Seeds: 75
Peers: 7
Completed Downloads: 396
File Size: 30.27 MBs

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