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E book under: Comics 
Tags: Anissa Pierce  Arsenal  Batman  Black Lightning  Grace Choi  Katanna  Metamorpho  Nightwing  Outsiders  Thunder 

Shared by:AmaniCooper

The Outsiders (v1 - v4 + Batman and the Outsiders & Extras)

Seeds: 157
Peers: 26
Completed Downloads: 2353
File Size: 2.67 GBs

E book under: Nonfiction Ebooks 
Tags: America  capitalism  demographics  Economy  occupy  oppression  Politics  usa 

Shared by:Tybie

One Way Forward The Outsiders Guide to Fixing the Republic - Lawrence Lessig

Seeds: 10
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 459
File Size: 133.88 KBs

E book under: Other 
Tags: Cthulhu  Death  Horror  Insanity  Lovecraft  occult 

Shared by:Nyarlahotep

Yog Sothothery – The Definitive H.P. Lovecraft Anthology - H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen Kick

Seeds: 53
Peers: 6
Completed Downloads: 992
File Size: 15.05 MBs

E book under: Comics 
Tags: Batman 

Shared by:yamaide

Batman Giga Pack

E book under: Comics 
Tags: Flashpioint Digital Deluxe DC 

Shared by:z

Flashpoint Complete (with Digital Deluxe)

Seeds: 216
Peers: 10
Completed Downloads: 1675
File Size: 1.48 GBs

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