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Calibre Mobi Library - Various

Written by Various
Format(s): MOBI
Language: English

Rachel Aaron
Legend of Eli Monpress
鉁?[1] The Spirit Thief
鉁?[2] The Spirit Rebellion
Joe Abercrombie
鉁?Best Served Cold
鉁?The Heroes
First Law
鉁?[1] Blade Itself
鉁?[2] Before They Are Hanged
鉁?[3] Last Argument of Kings
Lara Adrian
Midnight Breed
鉁?[1] Kiss of Midnight
鉁?[2] Kiss of Crimson
鉁?[3] Midnight Awakening
鉁?[4] Midnight Rising
鉁?[5] Veil of Midnight
鉁?[6] Ashes of Midnight
鉁?[7] Shades of Midnight
鉁?[8] Taken by Midnight
鉁?[9] Deeper Than Midnight
鉁?[10] Darker After Midnight
Ann Aguirre
鉁?[1] Enclave
Ilona Andrews
鉁?[1] On the Edge
鉁?[2] Bayou Moon
鉁?[3] Fate's Edge
Kate Daniels
鉁?[1] Magic Bites
鉁?[2] Magic Burns
鉁?[3] Magic Strikes
鉁?[4] Magic Bleeds
鉁?[5] Magic Slays
Vivi Andrews
Serengeti Shifters
鉁?[1] Serengeti Heat
鉁?[2] Serengeti Storm
鉁?[3] Serengeti Lightning
鉁?[4] Serengeti Sunrise
Alex Archer
Rogue Angel
鉁?[1] Destiny
鉁?[2] Solomon's Jar
鉁?[3] The Spider Stone
鉁?[4] The Chosen
鉁?[5] Forbidden City
鉁?[6] The Lost Scrolls
鉁?[7] God of Thunder
鉁?[8] Secret of the Slaves
鉁?[9] Warrior Spirit
鉁?[10] Serpent's Kiss
鉁?[11] Provenance
鉁?[12] The Soul Stealer
鉁?[13] Gabriel's Horn
鉁?[14] The Golden Elephant
鉁?[15] Swordsman's Legacy
鉁?[16] Polar Quest
鉁?[17] Eternal Journey
鉁?[18] Sacrifice
鉁?[19] Seeker's Curse
鉁?[20] Footprints
鉁?[21] Paradox
鉁?[22] The Spirit Banner
鉁?[23] Sacred Ground
鉁?[24] The Bone Conjurer
鉁?[25] Tribal Ways
鉁?[26] The Dragon's Mark
鉁?[27] Phantom Prospect
鉁?[28] Restless Soul
鉁?[29] False Horizon
Kelley Armstrong
鉁?Counterfeit Magic
鉁?Men of the Otherworld
Darkest Powers
鉁?[1] The Summoning
鉁?[2] The Awakening
鉁?[3] The Reckoning
Nadia Stafford
鉁?[1] Exit Strategy
鉁?[2] Made to Be Broken
Women of the Otherworld
鉁?[1] Bitten
鉁?[2] Stolen
鉁?[3] Dime Store Magic
鉁?[4] Industrial Magic
鉁?[5] Haunted
鉁?[6] Broken
鉁?[7] No Humans Involved
鉁?[8] Personal Demon
鉁?[9] Living With the Dead
鉁?[10] Frostbitten
鉁?[11] Waking the Witch
鉁?[12] Spell Bound
R. Scott Bakker
Prince of Nothing
鉁?[1] The Darkness That Comes Before
鉁?[2] The Warrior Prophet
鉁?[3] The Thousandfold Thought
L. A. Banks
Crimson Moon
鉁?[1] Bad Blood
鉁?[3] Bite the Bullet
鉁?[3] Undead on Arrival
鉁?[4] Cursed to Death
鉁?[5] Never Cry Werewolf
鉁?[6] Left for Undead
Vampire Huntress
鉁?[1] Minion
鉁?[2] The Awakening
鉁?[3] The Hunted
鉁?[4] The Bitten
鉁?[5] The Forbidden
鉁?[6] The Damned
鉁?[7] The Forsaken
鉁?[8] The Wicked
鉁?[9] The Cursed
鉁?[10] The Darkness
鉁?[11] The Shadows
鉁?[12] The Thirteenth
James Barclay
Chronicles of the Raven
鉁?[1] Dawnthief
鉁?[2] Noonshade
鉁?[3] Nightchild
鉁?[1] Once Walked With Gods
Legends of the Raven
鉁?[1] Elfsorrow
鉁?[2] Shadowheart
鉁?[3] Demonstorm
Anya Bast
Dark Magick
鉁?[1] Wicked Enchantment
Elemental Witches
鉁?[1] Witch Fire
鉁?[2] Witch Blood
鉁?[3] Witch Heart
鉁?[4] Witch Fury
Frank Beddor
Looking Glass Wars
鉁?[1] The Looking Glass Wars
鉁?[2] Seeing Redd
Lyn Benedict
Shadows Inquiries
鉁?[1] Sins & Shadows
鉁?[2] Ghosts & Echoes
Holly Black
Modern Tale of Faerie
鉁?[1] Tithe
鉁?[2] Valiant
鉁?[3] Ironside
Jenna Black
鉁?[1] Glimmerglass
Morgan Kingsley
鉁?[1] The Devil Inside
鉁?[2] The Devil You Know
鉁?[3] The Devil's Due
鉁?[4] Speak of the Devil
鉁?[5] The Devil's Playground
Allison Brennan
7 Deadly Sins
鉁?[1] Original Sin
鉁?[2] Carnal Sin
鉁?[1] Speak No Evil: A Novel
鉁?[2] See No Evil: A Novel
鉁?[3] Fear No Evil: A Novel
鉁?[1] The Prey
鉁?[2] The Hunt
鉁?[3] The Kill
Prison Break Trilogy
鉁?[1] Killing Fear
Patricia Briggs
Alpha Omega
鉁?[3] Fair Game
Alpha and Omega
鉁?[1] Cry Wolf
鉁?[2] Hunting Ground
鉁?[1] Dragon Bones
鉁?[2] Dragon Blood
Mercedes Thompson
鉁?[1] Moon Called
鉁?[2] Blood Bound
鉁?[3] Iron Kissed
鉁?[4] Bone Crossed
鉁?[5] Silver Borne
鉁?[6] River Marked
Raven duology
鉁?[1] Raven's Shadow
鉁?[2] Raven's Strike
鉁?[1] Masques
鉁?[2] Wolfsbane
鉁?[3] Steal the Dragon
鉁?[4] When Demons Walk
Max Brooks
鉁?World War Z
鉁?The Zombie Survival Guide
Dan Brown
Robert Langdon
鉁?[1] Angels & Demons
鉁?[2] The Da Vinci Code
鉁?[3] The Lost Symbol
Jim Butcher
鉁?Side Jobs
Codex Alera
鉁?[1] Furies of Calderon
鉁?[2] Academ's Fury
鉁?[3] Cursor's Fury
鉁?[4] Captain's Fury
鉁?[5] Princeps' Fury
鉁?[6] First Lord's Fury
Dresden Files
鉁?[1] Storm Front
鉁?[2] Fool Moon
鉁?[3] Grave Peril
鉁?[4] Summer Knight
鉁?[5] Death Masks
鉁?[6] Blood Rites
鉁?[7] Dead Beat
鉁?[8] Proven Guilty
鉁?[9] White Night
鉁?[10] Small Favor
鉁?[11] Turn Coat
鉁?[12] Changes
鉁?[13] Ghost Story
Evie Byrne
Faustin Brothers Triology
鉁?[1] Called by Blood
鉁?[2] Bound by Blood
鉁?[3] Damned by Blood
Rachel Caine
Morganville Vampires
鉁?[1] Glass Houses
鉁?[2] The Dead Girls' Dance
鉁?[3] Midnight Alley
鉁?[4] Feast of Fools
鉁?[5] Lord of Misrule
鉁?[6] Carpe Corpus
鉁?[7] Fade Out
鉁?[8] Kiss of Death
鉁?[9] Ghost Town
鉁?[10] Bite Club
鉁?[11] Last Breath
Jack Campbell
Lost Fleet
鉁?[1] Dauntless
鉁?[2] Fearless
鉁?[3] Courageous
鉁?[4] Valiant
Kristin Cashore
Seven Kingdoms Trilogy
鉁?[1] Graceling
鉁?[2] Fire
P. C. Cast
鉁?Dragon's Oath
鉁?[1] Divine by Mistake
鉁?[2] Divine by Choice
Goddess Summoning
鉁?[1] Goddess of the Sea
鉁?[2] Goddesss of Spring
鉁?[3] Goddess of Light
鉁?[4] Goddess of the Rose
鉁?[5] Goddess of Love
鉁?[6] Warrior Rising
鉁?[7] Goddess of Legend
House of Night
鉁?[1] Marked
鉁?[2] Betrayed
鉁?[3] Chosen
鉁?[4] Untamed
鉁?[5] Hunted
鉁?[6] Tempted
鉁?[7] Burned
鉁?[8] Awakened
鉁?[9] Destined
Richard Castle
Nikki Heat
鉁?[1] Heat Wave
鉁?[2] Naked Heat
鉁?[3] Heat Rises
Kylie Chan
Dark Heavens
鉁?[1] White Tiger
鉁?[2] Red Phoenix
鉁?[3] Blue Dragon
Karen Chance
Cassie Palmer
鉁?[1] Touch the Dark
鉁?[2] Claimed by Shadow
鉁?[3] Embrace the Night
鉁?[4] Curse the Dawn
鉁?[5] Hunt the Moon
Dorina Basarab
鉁?[1] Midnight's Daughter
鉁?[2] Death's Mistress
Lee Child
Jack Reacher
鉁?[1] Killing Floor
鉁?[2] Die Trying
鉁?[3] Tripwire
鉁?[4] Running Blind
鉁?[5] Echo Burning
鉁?[6] Without Fail
鉁?[7] Persuader
鉁?[8] The Enemy
鉁?[9] One Shot
鉁?[10] The Hard Way
鉁?[11] Bad Luck and Trouble
鉁?[12] Nothing to Lose
鉁?[13] Gone Tomorrow
鉁?[14] 61 Hours
鉁?[15] Worth Dying For
鉁?[16] The Affair
Cassandra Clare
Infernal Devices
鉁?[1] Clockwork Angel
Mortal Instruments
鉁?[1] City of Bones
鉁?[2] City of Ashes
鉁?[3] City of Glass
鉁?[4] City of Fallen Angels
Suzanne Collins
Hunger Games
鉁?[1] The Hunger Games
鉁?[2] Catching Fire
鉁?[3] Mockingjay
Ally Condie
鉁?[1] Matched
鉁?[2] Crossed
Beverly Connor
Diane Fallon
鉁?[1] One Grave Too Many
鉁?[2] Dead Guilty
鉁?[3] Dead Secret
鉁?[4] Dead Past
鉁?[5] Dead Hunt
鉁?[6] Scattered Graves
鉁?[7] Dust to Dust
鉁?[8] The Night Killer
Glen Cook
Black Company
鉁?[1] The Black Company
鉁?[2] Shadows Linger
鉁?[3] The White Rose
鉁?[4] The Silver Spike
鉁?[5] Shadow Games
鉁?[6] Dreams of Steel
鉁?[7] Bleak Seasons
鉁?[8] She Is the Darkness
鉁?[9] Water Sleeps
鉁?[10] Soldiers Live
Kristie Cook
Soul Savers
鉁?[1] Promise
鉁?[2] Purpose
Larry Correia
Monster Hunter
鉁?[1] Monster Hunter International
鉁?[2] Monster Hunter Vendetta
Andrea Cremer
鉁?[1] Nightshade
鉁?[2] Wolfsbane
Lili St. Crow
Strange Angels
鉁?[1] Strange Angels
鉁?[2] Betrayals
Melissa De La Cruz
鉁?Keys to the Repository
Blue Bloods
鉁?[1] Blue Bloods
鉁?[2] Masquerade
鉁?[3] Revelations
鉁?[4] The Van Alen Legacy
鉁?[5] Misguided Angel
Teresa D'Amario
True Mate
鉁?[1] SheWolf
鉁?[2] Dark Succession
鉁?[3] Blood Moon Betrayed
Shirley Damsgaard
Ophelia And Abby
鉁?[1] Witch Way to Murder
鉁?[2] Charmed to Death
鉁?[3] The Trouble With Witches
鉁?[4] Witch Hunt
鉁?[5] The Witch Is Dead
鉁?[6] The Witch's Grave
鉁?[7] The Seventh Witch
Lauren Dane
Brown Siblings
鉁?[1] Laid Bare
鉁?[2] Coming Undone
鉁?[3] Inside Out
Rowena Cory Daniells
King Rolen's Kin
鉁?[1] The King's Bastard
鉁?[2] The Uncrowned King
MaryJanice Davidson
鉁?[1] Undead and Unwed
鉁?[2] Undead and Unemployed
鉁?[3] Undead and Unappreciated
鉁?[4] Undead and Unreturnable
鉁?[5] Undead and Unpopular
鉁?[6] Undead and Uneasy
鉁?[7] Undead and Unworthy
鉁?[8] Undead and Unwelcome
鉁?[9] Undead and Unfinished
鉁?[10] Undead and Undermined
Shannon Delany
13 to Life
鉁?[1] 13 to Life
鉁?[2] Secrets and Shadows
鉁?[3] Bargains and Betrayals
Carole Nelson Douglas
Delilah Street
鉁?[1] Dancing With Werewolves
鉁?[2] Brimstone Kiss
鉁?[3] Vampire Sunrise
鉁?[4] Silver Zombie
Amanda Downum
Necromancer Chronicles
鉁?[1] The Drowning City
鉁?[2] The Bone Palace
Jocelynn Drake
Dark Days
鉁?[1] Nightwalker
鉁?[2] Dayhunter
鉁?[3] Dawnbreaker
鉁?[4] Pray for Dawn
鉁?[5] Wait for Dusk
鉁?[6] Burn the Night
Dave Duncan
The Seventh Sword
鉁?[1] The Reluctant Swordsman
鉁?[2] The Coming of Wisdom
鉁?[3] The Destiny of the Sword
Steven Erikson
Malazan Book of the Fallen
鉁?[1] Gardens of the Moon
鉁?[2] Deadhouse Gates
鉁?[3] Memories of Ice
鉁?[4] House of Chains
鉁?[5] Midnight Tides
鉁?[6] The Bonehunters
鉁?[7] Reaper's Gale
鉁?[8] Toll the Hounds
鉁?[9] Dust of Dreams
鉁?[10] The Crippled God
Jennifer Estep
鉁?[1] Karma Girl
鉁?[2] Hot Mama
鉁?[3] Jinx
Elemental Assassin
鉁?[1] Spider's Bite
鉁?[2] Web of Lies
鉁?[3] Venom
鉁?[4] Tangled Threads
鉁?[5] Spider's Revenge
鉁?[6] By a Thread
Mythos Academy
鉁?[1] Touch of Frost
鉁?[2] Kiss of Frost
Kim Falconer
Quantum Enchantment
鉁?[1] The Spell of Rosette
鉁?[2] Arrows of Time
鉁?[3] Strange Attractors
Becca Fitzpatrick
Hush, Hush
鉁?[1] Hush, Hush
鉁?[2] Crescendo
鉁?[3] Silence
John Flanagan
Ranger's Apprentice
鉁?[1] The Ruins of Gorlan
鉁?[2] The Burning Bridge
鉁?[3] The Icebound Land
鉁?[4] The Battle for Skandia
鉁?[5] The Sorcerer of the North
鉁?[6] The Siege of MacIndaw
鉁?[7] Erak's Ransom
鉁?[8] The Kings of Clonmel
鉁?[9] Halt's Peril
鉁?[10] The Emperor of Nihon-Ja
鉁?[11] The Lost Stories
Andrew Fox
Fat White Vampire
鉁?[1] Fat White Vampire Blues
Angie Fox
The Accidental Demon Slayer
鉁?[1] The Accidental Demon Slayer
鉁?[2] The Dangerous Book For Demon Slayers
鉁?[3] A Tale of Two Demon Slayers
鉁?[4] The Last of the Demon Slayers
Mark Del Franco
Connor Grey
鉁?[1] Unshapely Things
鉁?[2] Unquiet Dreams
鉁?[3] Unfallen Dead
鉁?[4] Unperfect Souls
Laura Blackstone
鉁?[1] Skin Deep
Jeaniene Frost
Night Huntress
鉁?[1] Halfway to the Grave
鉁?[2] One Foot in the Grave
鉁?[3] At Grave's End
鉁?[4] Destined for an Early Grave
鉁?[5] This Side of the Grave
鉁?[6] One Grave at a Time
Night Huntress World
鉁?[1] First Drop of Crimson
鉁?[2] Eternal Kiss of Darkness
Neil Gaiman
鉁?American Gods
鉁?Anansi Boys
鉁?Fragile Things
鉁?Good Omens
鉁?The Graveyard Book
鉁?M Is for Magic
鉁?Odd and the Frost Giants
鉁?Smoke and Mirrors
Yasmine Galenorn
Indigo Court
鉁?[1] Night Myst
鉁?[2] Night Veil
Sisters of the Moon
鉁?[1] Witchling
鉁?[2] Changeling
鉁?[3] Darkling
鉁?[4] Dragon Wytch
鉁?[5] Night Huntress
鉁?[6] Demon Mistress
鉁?[7] Bone Magic
鉁?[8] Harvest Hunting
鉁?[9] Blood Wyne
鉁?[10] Courting Darkness
Lisa Gardner
D.D. Warren
鉁?[1] Alone
鉁?[2] Hide
鉁?[3] The Neighbor
鉁?[4] Live to Tell
鉁?[5] Love You More
Quincy / Rainie
鉁?[1] The Perfect Husband
鉁?[2] The Third Victim
鉁?[3] The Next Accident
鉁?[4] The Killing Hour
鉁?[5] Gone
鉁?[6] Say Goodbye
David Gemmell
鉁?[1] Lord of the Silver Bow
鉁?[2] Shield of Thunder
鉁?[3] Fall of Kings
Terry Goodkind
Sword of Truth
鉁?[1] Wizard's First Rule
鉁?[2] Stone of Tears
鉁?[3] Blood of the Fold
鉁?[4] Temple of the Winds
鉁?[5] Soulf of the Fire
鉁?[6] Faith of the Fallen
鉁?[7] The Pillars of Creation
鉁?[8] Naked Empire
鉁?[9] Chainfire
鉁?[10] Phantom
鉁?[12] The Omen Machine
Sue Grafton
Kinsey Millhone
鉁?[1] A Is for Alibi
鉁?[2] B Is for Burglar
鉁?[3] C Is for Corpse
鉁?[4] D Is for Deadbeat
鉁?[5] E Is for Evidence
鉁?[6] F Is for Fugitive
鉁?[7] G Is for Gumshoe
鉁?[8] H Is for Homicide
鉁?[9] I Is for Innocent
鉁?[10] J Is for Judgement
鉁?[11] K Is for Killer
鉁?[12] L Is for Lawless
鉁?[13] M Is for Malice
鉁?[14] N Is for Noose
鉁?[15] O Is for Outlaw
鉁?[16] P Is for Peril
鉁?[17] Q Is for Quarry
鉁?[18] R Is for Ricochet
鉁?[19] S Is for Silence
鉁?[20] T Is for Trespass
鉁?[21] U Is for Undertow
鉁?[22] V Is for Vengeance
Seth Grahame-Smith
鉁?Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
鉁?Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
鉁?Unholy Night
Claudia Gray
鉁?[1] Evernight
鉁?[2] Stargazer
鉁?[3] Hourglass
Simon R. Green
鉁?[1] Something From the Nightside
鉁?[2] Agents of Light and Darkness
鉁?[3] Nightingale's Lament
鉁?[4] Hex and the City
鉁?[5] Paths Not Taken
鉁?[6] Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
鉁?[7] Hell to Pay
鉁?[8] The Unnatural Inquirer
鉁?[9] Just Another Judgement Day
鉁?[10] The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny
鉁?[11] A Hard Day's Knight
Gemma Halliday
鉁?Sweetheart in High Heels
Maddie Springer
鉁?[1] High Heels Mysteries Boxed Set (Books 1-5)
鉁?[2] Fearless in High Heels
Laurell K. Hamilton
Anita Blake
鉁?[1] Guilty Pleasures
鉁?[2] The Laughing Corpse
鉁?[3] Circus of the Damned
鉁?[4] The Lunatic Cafe
鉁?[5] Bloody Bones
鉁?[6] The Killing Dance
鉁?[7] Burnt Offerings
鉁?[8] Blue Moon
鉁?[9] Obsidian Butterfly
鉁?[10] Narcissus in Chains
鉁?[11] Cerulean Sins
鉁?[12] Incubus Dreams
鉁?[13] Micah
鉁?[14] Danse MacAbre
鉁?[15] The Harlequin
鉁?[16] Blood Noir
鉁?[17] Skin Trade
鉁?[18] Flirt
鉁?[19] Bullet
鉁?[20] Hit List
Meredith Gentry
鉁?[1] A Kiss of Shadows
鉁?[2] A Caress of Twilight
鉁?[3] Seduced by Moonlight
鉁?[4] A Stroke of Midnight
鉁?[5] Mistral's Kiss
鉁?[6] A Lick of Frost
鉁?[7] Swallowing Darkness
鉁?[8] Divine Misdemeanors
Molly Harper
Jane Jameson
鉁?[1] Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs
鉁?[2] Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men
鉁?[3] Nice Girls Don't Live Forever
Naked Werewolf
鉁?[1] How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf
Steven Harper
Silent Empire
鉁?[1] Dreamer
鉁?[2] Nightmare
鉁?[3] Trickster
鉁?[4] Offspring
Charlaine Harris
Aurora Teagarden
鉁?[1] Real Murders
鉁?[2] A Bone to Pick
鉁?[3] Three Bedrooms, One Corpse
鉁?[4] The Julius House
鉁?[5] Dead Over Heels
鉁?[6] A Fool and His Honey
鉁?[7] Last Scene Alive
鉁?[8] Poppy Done to Death
Lily Bard
鉁?[1] Shakespeare's Landlord
鉁?[2] Shakespeare's Champion
鉁?[3] Shakespeare's Christmas
鉁?[4] Shakespeare's Trollop
鉁?[5] Shakespeare's Counselor
Sookie Stackhouse
鉁?[1] Dead Until Dark
鉁?[2] Living Dead in Dallas
鉁?[3] Club Dead
鉁?[4] Dead to the World
鉁?[5] Dead as a Doornail
鉁?[6] Definitely Dead
鉁?[7] All Together Dead
鉁?[8] From Dead to Worse
鉁?[9] Dead and Gone
鉁?[10] Dead in the Family
鉁?[11] Dead Reckoning
鉁?[12] Deadlocked
Kim Harrison
Madison Avery
鉁?[1] Once Dead, Twice Shy
鉁?[2] Early to Death, Early to Rise
鉁?[3] Something Deadly This Way Comes
Rachel Morgan
鉁?[1] Dead Witch Walking
鉁?[2] The Good, the Bad, and the Undead
鉁?[3] Every Which Way but Dead
鉁?[4] A Fistfull of Charms
鉁?[5] For a Few Demons More
鉁?[6] The Outlaw Demon Wails
鉁?[7] White Witch, Black Curse
鉁?[8] Black Magic Sanction
鉁?[9] Pale Demon
鉁?[10] A Perfect Blood
Kevin Hearne
Iron Druid Chronicles
鉁?[1] Hounded
鉁?[2] Hexed
鉁?[3] Hammered
Markus Heitz
鉁?[1] The Dwarves
鉁?[2] The War of the Dwarves
鉁?[3] The Revenge of the Dwarves
Barb Hendee
Noble Dead
鉁?[1] Dhampir
鉁?[2] Thief of Lives
鉁?[3] Sister of the Dead
鉁?[4] Traitor to the Blood
鉁?[5] Rebel Fay
鉁?[6] Child of a Dead God
鉁?[7] In Shade and Shadow
鉁?[8] Through Stone and Sea
Vampire Memories
鉁?[1] Blood Memories
鉁?[2] Hunting Memories
Robin Hobb
鉁?[1] Assassin's Apprentice
鉁?[2] Royal Assassin
鉁?[3] Assassin's Quest
Liveship Traders
鉁?[1] Ship of Magic
鉁?[2] Mad Ship
鉁?[3] Ship of Destiny
Rain Wild Chronicles
鉁?[1] Dragon Keeper
鉁?[2] Dragon Haven
鉁?[3] City of Dragons
Soldier Son
鉁?[1] Shaman's Crossing
鉁?[2] Forest Mage
鉁?[3] Renegade's Magic
Tawny Man
鉁?[1] Fool's Errand
鉁?[2] Golden Fool
鉁?[3] Fool's Fate
Amanda Hocking
Trylle Trilogy
鉁?[1] Switched
鉁?[2] Torn
鉁?[3] Ascend
Faith Hunter
Jane Yellowrock
鉁?[1] Skinwalker
鉁?[2] Blood Cross
鉁?[3] Mercy Blade
鉁?[4] Raven Cursed
Thorn St. Croix
鉁?[1] Bloodring
鉁?[2] Seraphs
鉁?[3] Host
Larissa Ione
鉁?[1] Pleasure Unbound
鉁?[2] Desire Unchained
鉁?[3] Passion Unleashed
鉁?[4] Ecstasy Unveiled
鉁?[5] Sin Undone
Lords of Deliverance
鉁?[1] Eternal Rider
鉁?[2] Immortal Rider
Ian Irvine
Well of Echoes
鉁?[1] Geomancer
鉁?[2] Tetrarch
鉁?[3] Alchymist
鉁?[4] Chimaera
Carrie Jones
Need Pixies
鉁?[1] Need
鉁?[2] Captivate
鉁?[3] Entice
J. V. Jones
Sword of Shadows
鉁?[1] A Cavern of Black Ice
Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson
The Wheel of Time
鉁?[12] The Gathering Storm
鉁?[13] Towers of Midnight
Robert Jordan
The Wheel of Time
鉁?[1] The Eye of the World
鉁?[2] The Great Hunt
鉁?[3] The Dragon Reborn
鉁?[4] The Shadow Rising
鉁?[5] The Fires of Heavn
鉁?[6] The Lord of Chaos
鉁?[7] A Crown of Swords
鉁?[8] The Path of Daggers
鉁?[9] Winter's Heart
鉁?[10] Crossroads of Twilight
鉁?[11] Knife of Dreams
Julie Kagawa
The Iron Fey
鉁?[1] The Iron King
鉁?[2] The Iron Daughter
鉁?[3] The Iron Queen
Ben Kane
Forgotten Legion Chronicles
鉁?[1] The Forgotten Legion
鉁?[2] The Silver Eagle
鉁?[3] The Road to Rome
Lauren Kate
鉁?[1] Fallen
鉁?[2] Torment
鉁?[3] Passion
Paul Kearney
Monarchies of God
鉁?[1] Hawkwood's Voyage
鉁?[2] The Heretic Kings
鉁?[3] The Iron Wars
鉁?[4] The Second Empire
鉁?[5] Ships From the West
Erin Kellison
Shadow Kissed
鉁?[1] Shadow Bound
鉁?[2] Shadow Fall
Jim Kelly
Philip Dryden
鉁?[1] The Water Clock
鉁?[2] The Fire Baby
鉁?[3] The Moon Tunnel
鉁?[4] The Coldest Blood
Heather Killough-Walden
鉁?Hell Bent
Big Bad Wolf
鉁?[1] The Heat
鉁?[2] The Strip
鉁?[3] The Spell
鉁?[4] The Hunt
Chosen Soul
鉁?[1] The Chosen Soul
Lost Angels
鉁?[1] Avenger's Angel
鉁?[1] Forever Neverland
Stephen King
鉁?The Stand
鉁?Under the Dome
The Dark Tower
鉁?[1] The Gunslinger
鉁?[2] The Drawing of the Three
鉁?[3] The Waste Lands
鉁?[4] Wizard and Glass
鉁?[5] Wolves of the Calla
鉁?[6] Song of Susannah
鉁?[7] The Dark Tower
Caitlin Kittredge
Black London
鉁?[1] Street Magic
鉁?[2] Demon Bound
Iron Codex
鉁?[1] The Iron Thorn
Nocturne City
鉁?[1] Night Life
鉁?[2] Pure Blood
鉁?[3] Second Skin
鉁?[4] Witch Craft
鉁?[5] Daemon's Mark
Chris Kuzneski
Payne and Jones
鉁?[1] The Plantation
鉁?[2] Sign of the Cross
鉁?[3] Sword of God
鉁?[4] The Lost Throne
鉁?[5] The Prophecy
鉁?[6] The Secret Crown
Stephen R. Lawhead
Celtic Crusades
鉁?[1] The Iron Lance
鉁?[2] The Black Rood
鉁?[3] The Mystic Rose
Dragon King
鉁?[1] In the Hall of the Dragon King
鉁?[2] The Warlords of Nin
鉁?[3] The Sword and the Flame
King Raven
鉁?[1] Hood
鉁?[2] Scarlet
鉁?[3] Tuck
Pendragon Cycle
鉁?[1] Taliesin
鉁?[2] Merlin
鉁?[3] Arthur
鉁?[4] Pendragon
鉁?[5] Grail
Song of Albion
鉁?[1] The Paradise War
鉁?[2] The Silver Hand
鉁?[3] The Endless Knot
Tom Lloyd
Twilight Reign
鉁?[1] The Stormcaller
鉁?[2] The Twilight Herald
鉁?[3] Grave Thief
John Locke
鉁?Bad Doctor
Dani Ripper
鉁?[1] Call Me!
Donovan Creed
鉁?[1] Lethal People
鉁?[2] Lethal Experiment
鉁?[3] Saving Rachel
鉁?[4] Now & Then
鉁?[5] Wish List
鉁?[6] A Girl Like You
鉁?[7] Vegas Moon
鉁?[8] The Love You Crave
鉁?[9] Maybe
Emmett Love
鉁?[1] Follow the Stone
鉁?[2] Don't Poke the Bear!
鉁?[3] Emmett & Gentry
Nancy Madore
鉁?[1] Enchanted
鉁?[2] Enchanted Again
鉁?[3] Enchanted Dreams
H. P. Mallory
Dulcie O'Neil
鉁?[1] To Kill a Warlock
鉁?[2] A Tale of Two Goblins
鉁?[3] Great Hexpectations
Jolie Wilkins
鉁?[1] Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
鉁?[2] Toil and Trouble
鉁?[3] Witchful Thinking: A Jolie Wilkins Novel
Melissa Marr
Wicked Lovely
鉁?[1] Wicked Lovely
鉁?[2] Ink Exchange
鉁?[3] Fragile Eternity
鉁?[4] Radiant Shadows
鉁?[5] Darkest Mercy
Gail Z Martin
Chronicles of the Necromancer
鉁?[1] The Summoner
鉁?[2] The Blood King
鉁?[3] Dark Haven
George R. R. Martin
鉁?Fevre Dream
鉁?Hunter's Run
鉁?The Tales of Dunk & Egg
A Song of Ice and Fire
鉁?[1] A Game Of Thrones
鉁?[2] A Clash of Kings
鉁?[3] A Storm of Swords
鉁?[4] A Feast for Crows
鉁?[5] A Dance With Dragons
James Maxey
鉁?[1] Bitterwood
鉁?[2] Dragonforge
鉁?[3] Dragonseed
Cheyenne McCray
鉁?[1] Forbidden Magic
鉁?[2] Seduced by Magic
鉁?[3] Wicked Magic
鉁?[4] Shadow Magic
鉁?[5] Dark Magic
Night Tracker
鉁?[1] Demons Not Included
鉁?[3] Vampires Not Invited
鉁?[4] Zombies Sold Separately
Seanan McGuire
October Daye
鉁?[1] Rosemary and Rue
鉁?[2] A Local Habitation
鉁?[3] An Artificial Night
鉁?[4] Late Eclipses
鉁?[5] One Salt Sea
Juliet E. McKenna
Aldabreshin Compass
鉁?[1] The Southern Fire
鉁?[2] Northern Storm
鉁?[3] Western Shore
Tales of Einarinn
鉁?[1] The Thief's Gamble
鉁?[2] The Swordsman's Oath
鉁?[3] The Gambler's Fortune
鉁?[4] The Warrior's Bond
鉁?[5] Assassin's Edge
Richelle Mead
鉁?[1] Bloodlines
Dark Swan
鉁?[1] Storm Born
鉁?[2] Thorn Queen
Georgina Kincaid
鉁?[1] Succubus Blues
鉁?[2] Succubus on Top
鉁?[3] Succubus Dreams
鉁?[4] Succubus Heat
鉁?[5] Succubus Shadows
鉁?[6] Succubus Revealed
Vampire Academy
鉁?[1] Vampire Academy
鉁?[2] Frostbite
鉁?[3] Shadow Kiss
鉁?[4] Blood Promise
鉁?[5] Spirit Bound
鉁?[6] Last Sacrifice
Stephenie Meyer
鉁?The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
Host Trilogy
鉁?[1] The Host
Twilight Saga
鉁?[1] Twilight
鉁?[2] New Moon
鉁?[3] Eclipse
鉁?[4] Breaking Dawn
Karen Marie Moning
MacKayla Lane
鉁?[1] Darkfever
鉁?[2] Bloodfever
鉁?[3] Faefever
鉁?[4] Dreamfever
Devon Monk
Age of Steam
鉁?[1] Dead Iron: The Age of Steam
Allie Beckstrom
鉁?[1] Magic to the Bone
鉁?[2] Magic in the Blood
鉁?[3] Magic in the Shadows
鉁?[4] Magic on the Storm
鉁?[5] Magic at the Gate
鉁?[6] Magic on the Hunt
鉁?[7] Magic on the Line
鉁?[8] Magic Without Mercy
Michael Moorcock
Elric Saga
鉁?[1] The Stealer of Souls
鉁?[2] The Sailor of the Seas of Fate
鉁?[3] The Weird of the White Wolf
鉁?[4] The Sleeping Sorceress
鉁?[5] Elric of Melnibone
鉁?[6] The Bane of the Black Sword
鉁?[7] Stormbringer
Christopher Moore
Love Story
鉁?[1] Bloodsucking Fiends
鉁?[2] You Suck
鉁?[3] Bite Me
C. E. Murphy
Inheritors' Cycle
鉁?[1] The Queen's Bastard
鉁?[2] The Pretender's Crown
鉁?[1] Heart of Stone
鉁?[2] House of Cards
鉁?[3] Hands of Flame
Walker Papers
鉁?[1] Urban Shaman
鉁?[2] Thunderbird Falls
鉁?[3] Coyote Dreams
鉁?[4] Walking Dead
鉁?[5] Demon Hunts
Worldwalker Duology
鉁?[1] Truthseeker
Yvonne Navarro
Dark Redemption
鉁?[1] Highborn
Chloe Neill
Chicagoland Vampires
鉁?[1] Some Girls Bite
鉁?[2] Friday Night Bites
鉁?[3] Twice Bitten
鉁?[4] Hard Bitten
鉁?[5] Drink Deep
Dark Elite
鉁?[1] Firespell
鉁?[2] Hexbound
Adam L. G. Nevill
鉁?Apartment 16
鉁?Banquet for the Damned
Naomi Novik
鉁?[1] His Majesty's Dragon
鉁?[2] Throne of Jade
鉁?[3] Black Powder War
鉁?[4] Empire of Ivory
鉁?[5] Victory of Eagles
鉁?[6] Tongues of Serpents
Alyson No毛l
鉁?[1] Evermore
鉁?[2] Blue Moon
鉁?[3] Shadowland
鉁?[4] Dark Flame
鉁?[5] Night Star
鉁?[6] Everlasting
Donita K. Paul
DragonKeeper Chronicles
鉁?[1] DragonSpell
鉁?[2] DragonQuest
鉁?[3] DragonKnight
S. D. Perry
Resident Evil
鉁?[1] The Umbrella Conspiracy
鉁?[2] Caliban Cove
鉁?[3] City of the Dead
鉁?[4] Underworld
鉁?[5] Nemesis
鉁?[6] Code: Veronica
Adrian Phoenix
鉁?[1] Black Dust Mambo
鉁?[2] Black Heart Loa
Maker's Song
鉁?[1] A Rush of Wings
鉁?[2] In the Blood
鉁?[3] Beneath the Skin
鉁?[4] Etched in Bone
Gabriella Poole
Darke Academy
鉁?[1] Secret Lives
鉁?[2] Blood Ties
鉁?[3] Divided Souls
Cherie Priest
Cheshire Red Reports
鉁?[1] Bloodshot
Clockwork Century
鉁?[1] Boneshaker
鉁?[2] Clementine
鉁?[3] Dreadnought
J. R. Rain
鉁?[1] Elvis Has Not Left the Building
Jim Knighthorse
鉁?[1] Dark Horse
鉁?[2] The Mummy Case
鉁?[3] Hail Mary
鉁?[1] The Vampire With the Dragon Tattoo
鉁?[2] The Vampire Who Played Dead
Vampire for Hire
鉁?[1] Moon Dance
鉁?[2] Vampire Moon
鉁?[3] American Vampire
鉁?[4] Moon Child
鉁?[5] Vampire Dawn
Kathy Reichs
Temperance Brennan
鉁?[1] Deja Dead
鉁?[2] Death Du Jour
鉁?[3] Deadly Decisions
鉁?[4] Fatal Voyage
鉁?[5] Grave Secrets
鉁?[6] Bare Bones
鉁?[7] Monday Mourning
鉁?[8] Cross Bones
鉁?[9] Break No Bones
鉁?[10] Bones to Ashes
鉁?[11] Devil Bones
鉁?[12] 206 Bones
鉁?[13] Spider Bones
Terri Reid
Mary O'Reilly
鉁?[1] Loose Ends
Andy Remic
Clockwork Vampire
鉁?[1] Kell's Legend
Anne Rice
Mayfair Witches
鉁?[1] The Witching Hour
鉁?[2] Lasher
鉁?[3] Taltos
New Tales of the Vampires
鉁?[1] Pandora
鉁?[2] Vittorio the Vampire
Songs of the Seraphim
鉁?[1] Angel Time
鉁?[2] Of Love and Evil
Vampire Chronicles
鉁?[1] Interview With the Vampire
鉁?[2] The Vampire Lestat
鉁?[3] The Queen of the Damned
鉁?[4] The Tale of the Body Thief
鉁?[5] Memnoch the Devil
鉁?[6] The Vampire Armand
鉁?[7] Merrick
鉁?[8] Blood and Gold
鉁?[9] Blackwood Farm
鉁?[10] Blood Canticle
Morgan Rice
Vampire Journals
鉁?[1] Turned
鉁?[2] Loved
鉁?[3] Betrayed
鉁?[4] Destined
鉁?[5] Desired
鉁?[6] Betrothed
鉁?[7] Vowed
鉁?[8] Found
Kat Richardson
鉁?[1] Greywalker
鉁?[2] Poltergeist
鉁?[3] Underground
鉁?[4] Vanished
鉁?[5] Labyrinth
鉁?[6] Downpour
Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
鉁?[1] The Lightning Thief
鉁?[2] The Sea of Monsters
鉁?[3] The Titan's Curse
鉁?[4] The Battle of the Labyrinth
鉁?[5] The Last Olympian
Linda Robertson
Persephone Alcmedi
鉁?[1] Vicious Circle
鉁?[2] Hallowed Circle
鉁?[3] Fatal Circle
Justina Robson
Quantum Gravity
鉁?[1] Keeping It Real
鉁?[2] Selling Out
鉁?[3] Going Under
鉁?[4] Chasing the Dragon
鉁?[5] Down to the Bone
Moira Rogers
鉁?[1] Wilder's Mate
Children of the Undying
鉁?[1] Demon Bait
Red Rock Pass
鉁?[1] Cry Sanctuary
鉁?[2] Sanctuary Lost
鉁?[3] Sanctuary's Price
鉁?[4] Sanctuary Unbound
Southern Arcana
鉁?[1] Crux
鉁?[2] Crossroads
鉁?[3] Deadlock
鉁?[4] Cipher
Patrick Rothfuss
Kingkiller Chronicle
鉁?[1] The Name of the Wind
鉁?[2] The Wise Man's Fear
Savannah Russe
Darkwing Chronicles
鉁?[1] Beyond the Pale
鉁?[2] Past Redemption
鉁?[3] Beneath the Skin
鉁?[4] In the Blood
鉁?[5] Under Darkness
Carrie Ryan
Forest of Hands and Teeth
鉁?[1] The Forest of Hands and Teeth
鉁?[2] The Dead-Tossed Waves
鉁?[3] The Dark and Hollow Places
R. A. Salvatore
The Cleric Quintet
鉁?[1] Canticle
鉁?[2] In Sylvan Shadows
鉁?[3] Night Masks
鉁?[4] The Fallen Fortress
鉁?[5] The Chaos Curse
Dark Elf
鉁?[1] Homeland
鉁?[2] Exile
鉁?[3] Sojourn
The Hunter's Blades
鉁?[1] The Thousand Orcs
鉁?[2] The Lone Drow
鉁?[3] The Two Swords
Icewind Dale
鉁?[1] The Crystal Shard
鉁?[2] Streams of Silver
鉁?[3] The Halfling's Gem
Legacy of the Drow
鉁?[1] The Legacy
鉁?[2] Starless Night
鉁?[3] Siege of Darkness
鉁?[4] Passage to Dawn
鉁?[1] Gauntlgrym
鉁?[2] Neverwinter
Paths of Darkness
鉁?[1] The Silent Blade
鉁?[2] The Spine of the World
鉁?[3] Servant of the Shard
鉁?[4] Sea Of Swords
The Sellswords
鉁?[1] Promise of the Witch-King
鉁?[2] Road of the Patriarch
鉁?[1] The Orc King
鉁?[2] The Pirate King
鉁?[3] The Ghost King
Brandon Sanderson
鉁?[1] Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
鉁?[1] Mistborn
鉁?[2] The Well of Ascension
鉁?[3] The Hero of Ages
鉁?[4] The Alloy of Law
Stormlight Archive
鉁?[1] The Way of Kings
C. J. Sansom
鉁?[1] Dissolution
鉁?[2] Dark Fire
鉁?[3] Sovereign
Simon Scarrow
鉁?[1] Under the Eagle
鉁?[2] The Eagle's Conquest
鉁?[3] When the Eagle Hunts
鉁?[4] The Eagle and the Wolves
鉁?[5] The Eagle's Prey
鉁?[6] The Eagle's Prophecy
鉁?[7] The Eagle in the Sand
鉁?[8] Centurion
Michael Scott
Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
鉁?[1] The Alchemyst
鉁?[2] The Magician
鉁?[3] The Sorceress
鉁?[4] The Necromancer
Tim Severin
鉁?[1] Odinn's Child
鉁?[2] Sworn Brother
鉁?[3] King's Man
Martin C. Sharlow
The Fallen
鉁?[1] Fallen Blood
鉁?[2] Tainted Blood
Lisa Shearin
Raine Benares
鉁?[1] Magic Lost, Trouble Found
鉁?[2] Armed & Magical
鉁?[3] The Trouble With Demons
鉁?[4] Bewitched & Betrayed
Jeanne C. Stein
Anna Strong
鉁?[1] The Becoming
鉁?[2] Blood Drive
鉁?[3] The Watcher
鉁?[4] Legacy
鉁?[5] Retribution
鉁?[6] Chosen
鉁?[7] Crossroads
Maggie Stiefvater
Wolves of Mercy Falls
鉁?[1] Shiver
鉁?[2] Linger
鉁?[3] Forever
S. M. Stirling
鉁?[1] The Sunrise Lands
鉁?[2] The Scourge of God
鉁?[3] The Sword of the Lady
Dies the Fire
鉁?[1] Dies the Fire
鉁?[2] The Protector's War
鉁?[3] A Meeting at Corvallis
Island in the Sea of Time
鉁?[1] Island in the Sea of Time
鉁?[2] Against the Tide of Years
鉁?[3] On the Oceans of Eternity
鉁?[1] A Taint in the Blood
Jory Strong
鉁?[1] Ghostland
鉁?[2] Spider-Touched
鉁?[3] Healer's Choice
Anton Strout
Simon Canderous
鉁?[1] Dead to Me
鉁?[2] Deader Still
鉁?[3] Dead Matter
Daniel Suarez
鉁?[1] Daemon
鉁?[2] Freedom
Adrian Tchaikovsky
Shadows of the Apt
鉁?[1] Empire in Black & Gold
鉁?[2] Dragonfly Falling
鉁?[3] Blood of the Mantis
鉁?[4] Salute the Dark
鉁?[5] The Scarab Path
Rob Thurman
Cal and Niko Leandros
鉁?[1] Nightlife
鉁?[2] Moonshine
鉁?[3] Madhouse
鉁?[4] Deathwish
鉁?[1] Chimera
鉁?[1] Trick of the Light
鉁?[2] The Grimrose Path
Cate Tiernan
鉁?[1] Book of Shadows
鉁?[2] The Coven
鉁?[3] Blood Witch
鉁?[4] Dark Magick
鉁?[5] Awakening
鉁?[6] Spellbound
鉁?[7] The Calling
鉁?[8] Changeling
鉁?[9] Strife
鉁?[10] Seeker
鉁?[11] Origins
鉁?[12] Eclipse
鉁?[13] Reckoning
鉁?[14] Full Circle
鉁?[15] Night's Child
J. R. R. Tolkien
Lord of the Rings
鉁?[1] The Hobbit
鉁?[2] The Fellowship of the Ring
鉁?[3] The Two Towers
鉁?[4] The Return of the King
Danielle Trussoni
Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Norville
鉁?[1] Kitty and the Midnight Hour
鉁?[2] Kitty Goes to Washington
鉁?[3] Kitty Takes a Holiday
鉁?[4] Kitty and the Silver Bullet
鉁?[5] Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand
鉁?[6] Kitty Raises Hell
鉁?[7] Kitty's House of Horrors
鉁?[8] Kitty Goes to War
鉁?[9] Kitty's Big Trouble
Rachel Vincent
Soul Screamers
鉁?[1] My Soul to Take
鉁?[2] My Soul to Save
鉁?[3] My Soul to Keep
J. R. Ward
鉁?Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story
Black Dagger Brotherhood
鉁?[1] Dark Lover
鉁?[2] Lover Eternal
鉁?[3] Lover Awakened
鉁?[4] Lover Revealed
鉁?[5] Lover Unbound
鉁?[6] Lover Enshrined
鉁?[7] Lover Avenged
鉁?[8] Lover Mine
鉁?[9] Lover Unleashed
鉁?[10] Lover Reborn
Fallen Angels
鉁?[1] Covet
鉁?[2] Crave
鉁?[3] Envy
Brent Weeks
鉁?Perfect Shadow
鉁?[1] The Black Prism
Night Angel Trilogy
鉁?[1] The Way of Shadows
鉁?[2] Shadow's Edge
鉁?[3] Beyond the Shadows
Tad Williams
Memory, Sorrow and Thorn
鉁?[1] The Dragonbone Chair
鉁?[2] Stone of Farewell
鉁?[3] To Green Angel Tower
鉁?[1] City of Golden Shadow
鉁?[2] River of Blue Fire
鉁?[3] Mountain of Black Glass
鉁?[4] Sea of Silver Light
鉁?[1] Shadowmarch
鉁?[2] Shadowplay
鉁?[3] Shadowrise
鉁?[4] Shadowheart

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  6. #6 moonmyst Says:

    thank you so much for sharing all of these!

  7. #7 Romancelovr Says:

    Thanks very much for sharing

  8. #8 Anonymous Says:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much 4 sharing these

  9. #9 a Says:

    I love you.

  10. #10 Nothingness Says:

    Awesome books! Thanks!

  11. #11 Ina Says:

    I would be extremely grateful if someone would please give the torrent link to this set.. Thanks! :)

  12. #12 neva Says:

    would love to have this set

  13. #13 jax Says:

    any links to this torrent would be really appreciated. thanks

  14. #14 Pacman Says:

    grate books for link

  15. #15 Iseman Says:

    How can I download this?

  16. #16 busa4578 Says:

    Great selection! Thx 4 sharing!

  17. #17 jade_kadir Says:

    I would love to be able to download this if there is a link available. Thank you.

  18. #18 Blue Sun Says:

    No links.

    Also, WTF? Whenever I go to, I get forwarded to This started over the last month. If I try to login, I get ABB’s login page. If I click on anything else, I go to ABB. The only thing that works is to put a book title in the SEARCH field at the bottom & click. Then I get the EBB home page & can login and proceed. This needs to be addressed (pun intended).

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