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E book under: Technical Ebooks 
Tags: Design 

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Revised and Expanded Edition - Don Norman

Seeds: 60
Peers: 7
Completed Downloads: 564
File Size: 2.31 MBs

E book under: Health Ebooks 
Tags: Design  Everyday  Things 

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The Design of Everyday Things - Donald A. Norman

Seeds: 63
Peers: 6
Completed Downloads: 373
File Size: 3.35 MBs

E book under: Education Ebooks 
Tags: Adapt  Confidence  Design  Knitting  Patternsknit  Want 

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How to knit exactly what you want, every time—with confidence!  -  Sam Elliott,Sidney Bryan

Seeds: 90
Peers: 9
Completed Downloads: 760
File Size: 48.84 MBs

E book under: Nonfiction Ebooks 
Tags: Conservation  Design  Eco  Enviro  Green  Sustain 

Shared by:Tybie

Design for Environmental Sustainability - Carlo Arnaldo Vezzoli Ezio Manzini

Seeds: 65
Peers: 0
Completed Downloads: 273
File Size: 6.8 MBs

E book under: Textbook 
Tags: Design  Mechanical Engineering  Shigley 

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Shigley's Mechanical Engineering Design - J. Keith Nisbett

Seeds: 26
Peers: 3
Completed Downloads: 105
File Size: 19.26 MBs

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